Dissolved oxygen measuring


Dissolved oxygen measuring and controlling instrument

2xS.5-..-DO dissolved-oxygen measuring instrument can be used to sense with high accuracy, continuously in natural water and industrial water as well.



 2xS.5-F-DO sleeved for wall one current out
 2xS.5-T-DO sleeved for board one current out
2xS.5-…-DOI two current out
Measurment range DO: 0..30mg O2/l and 0..200%
– Accuracy: ±0,15mg O2/l ±1% related to the measuring range.
Temperature compensation: automatics/manual
Measuring -T: 0..200 °C
Temperature sensor:: Pt100
– Accuracy : ±0,2 °C ±1digit
Air pressure correction: 500..2000hPa
Current output: 0/4..20mA Rtmax=500 Ω
2. Current output: ..2xS-..-DOI (option)
  Adjustable output parameter: DO or T
Input is isolated from the output. Isolation is galvanic
Limits outputs: morse contact relay
Minimum and maximum limiting value: Between 0-30 mg/l is adjustable
Hysteresis: adjustable
Power supply: 230V AC 3A (Φ=1)
DOT switch on timing of Lo: adjustable between 0-999 min
Digital out: RS232/RS485 (option)
Power supply: 230V AC ±10% 50-60Hz 6VA,II. ÉVO
Ambient temperature: -15 ..+45 °C
Protecting:  ..-F-.. type IP 65
                        T-.. type on-board IP 44
T-.. type back-board IP 20
                  Size:    ..-F-.. type 165x155x96mm, PC:166x160x106
                               .-T-.. type 144x72x146mm
                                -T-.. type exsection’s size: 138,3x67mm
Weight: approx.1Kg
                    Elektrodes: DO Danfoss sensor
                                         T Pt100
Armatures: immersion and flow-through


Tying up



Immersion and swinging dissolved-oxygen cell with a DANFOSS sensor

Length: 50-300cm (optional)
with Pt100 temperature sensor
10m measuring-cabel.
Danfoss sensor
Fixing according to local demand

Immersion cell
Swinging cell

Flow-through dissolved-oxygen cell with a DANFOSS sensor

Water must be free-bleeding because dissolved-oxygen content of water is pressure-dependent.
Sensor must always be placed in the water.
Influent water should be turnable off in order to cleansing.
63mm “T” unit
Female pipe optional size: G3/4″ or G2″

90° cell
180° cell