About us

Industrial Measuring
-Fluid analytic-

Our company has been producing instruments for environmental industry for 1992.

Main profile:

Expansion, manufacture, install, service of industrial instruments.

Our propuse to offer the most appropriate solution as from the simplest control unit to the complex automation’s unit.

Our products on the market

  • pH measuring unit (optional impulse output)
  • Redox-potential measuring unit
  • Dissolved-oxigen measuring unit
  • Conductivity measuring unit

Run out products

  • RB instrument (with certified BKI)
  • Laboratory instrument
  • Temperature data gathering (ceritfied OMH)
  • Medical stimulating instrument
  • KPE gas-pipeweld software
  • Wastewater-facilitys control software


We produce instruments according to high quality scuh as ISO 9001 standard, with the greatest integrate by SMD technology.


  • Environmental – more than 250 wastewater-facilities
  • Chemistry – pharmaceutical, galvanizations, painting facilities
  • Food industry – sugar-, can-, milk-, paper-facilities
  • Power plant

Some reasons we will be contacted by You

  • European quality with the cheapest prices possible
  • Reliable 24 hours continuous operation
  • Low upkeep
  • Fast sensor delivery
  • Conductivity measurer with unique temperature compensation
  • Fast service
  • Take responsibility for maintenance
  • Swap foreign instruments
  • Develope according to user’s demand
  • More than 25 years of experience and constant development of products
  • Simply conditioning – see publication –

Do not hasitate to conntact us!

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