Pressure measuring

Pressure measuring and controlling instrument

Measuring instrument is made for sense redox-potential of aquiuos solutions, continuously, in high accuracy range, with the help of combined, or single electrodes.




2xS-F-PT sleeved for wall
2xS-T-PT sleeved for board
Measurment range: 0…99,9bar
– Accuracy: ±0,01bar ±1digit
– Input: suitable for reception of 2 wire pressure transmitter
– Input impedance: 50 Ω
– Output voltage: >13VDC
Power supply: 230V AC ±10% 50-60Hz 6VA,
Current output: 0/4-20mA/ 500 Ω
– Contact outputs: morse contact relay
– Limit values are programmable low:L2, high:H2 vagy window:W2
– chargebility: 230V AC 3A (Φ=1)
– Limi value: adjustable between 0-10bar
–Timing of switching-on-prohibition of low limit value after switching off:



0-999 minutes

–Timing of switching-off-prohibition of low limit value after switching on:
– Switching on of low limit value at 2 different points of time::
Environment’s temperature: -20..+50°C
Protection:  ..-F-.. type IP65
..-T-.. type front board  IP 44
..-T-.. type back board IP20
Dimension: ..-F-.. type 166x160x106
..-T-.. type 144x72x146mm
Measuring range: optional (between 0…10bar)
Power supply: >12VDC
Output: 4-20mA (2-wire-transmitter), not to calibrate, not isolated
Protection: IP65